FASHION, but make it SLOW - Vision of slow fashion by NYNOLIA

Hi there,

It is approaching the reflection and relaxing time of the year and our current campaign fits like a glove.

Fashion, but make it SLOW is meant to give you an insight into our company philosophy and values, especially in relation to our production and how we deal with sustainability.

Nynolia follows a path where sustainability is not a decision but a lifestyle. That's why we use only the highest quality products made from natural materials. No plastic in our fabrics. 

Of course we support local production where possible. And of course we keep ethical principles in the whole supply chain and we are committed to it.

As a new luxury fashion brand, we feel responsible to the environment to do something good for it and to reduce fast fashion.

We decelerate the fashion industry by focusing on durable, timeless and comfortable materials. High end fashion designs that remain and that you love. Where you feel the art and the effort behind each produced garment. The inspiration and the passion, the comfort and the beauty, the sense & sensuality of the brand's philosophy....

It's about taking responsibility and showing respect to nature and the human, while producing sustainably in small quantities to avoid overproduction.

Our vision is to create the perfect luxury brand for people who want to feel beautiful and comfortable, but also who want to take care of the environment. We are based in Hamburg, Germany. We are developing and producing special collections here in Hamburg by supporting local production and supporting integration projects like Made auf Veddel. All our collection pieces are currently manufactured in the European Union. Manufactured in fair conditions.

We want to grow healthily and expand our collection step by step. Therefore we are constantly looking for trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers for silk, cashmere and alpaca. For this we also like to look beyond Europe. 

All our silk garments are made in Hamburg and the European Union. 

To match our silk collection we are currently developing light capes and ponchos made of cashmere and alpaca to wrap around in cocoon style when it gets chilly in the light silk dress. 

To have the best quality of all, we source our alpaca from a certified production in Peru. We make sure our partners represent our values and have fair conditions. This is how we ensure that our entire value chain corresponds to our standards.

Wearing the unique pieces of Nynolia feels like wellness because of our pure materials. 

So go and enjoy nature's beauty, while wearing Nynolia. Feel the softness on your skin and don't worry about problems, because you already solved many, by only wearing these wonderful silk dresses. Feel relaxed and beautiful in Nynolia.

If you'd like to be more involved with our slow clothing online company, feel free to follow us on social media at Nynolia. We also appreciate your feedback. Write to us at Or become a member by signing up with us here

See you soon



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