Created For

NYNOLIA is a luxury fashion brand designed and created for everyone who lives elegance, loves and cares for their body, wellbeing, and peace of mind. It is for those who want to feel exceptional luxury every day - whether it be in business or at home - relaxed with a style of pure lightness, clear simplicity, impressive expressionism, and sensual beauty. Nynolia is both chic and feminine, yet casual - but above all, classic and timeless. We see our clients as interested in fashion, and in trends that never go out of style. You are interested in art, and have your finger on the pulse of changing times. You respect persistence and loyalty, and are not interested in contributing to short-lived waste. You appreciate and love perfect workmanship and fine materials. You enjoy the beauty of products that can be worn independent of future trends. You have a keen sense of aesthetics and this is reflected in your external environment. The way you dress matches your lifestyle, as well as how you feel, and perceive yourself and the world around you. You value the importance of self-care and want the outside to reflect the inside. You are making a statement with what you put on your body.

Nynolia is here to provide you with a solution to consistently feel good in your skin, and to always look elegant and put together - both professionally and privately - without the stress of making more decisions than that is already required in daily life. Nynolia will make you look effortlessly polished for a special occasion or a night in with yourself, whilst feeling light as a flower in a gentle breeze.
We know your demands are high and how much importance you attach to quality and performance, therefore our promises to meet your expectations are not taken lightly.