About Us

NYNOLIA - Sense & Sensuality 

Nynolia is a natural luxury clothing and lifestyle brand.

The name reflects the brand essence, what it stands for, the feeling it provides, as well as the brand philosophy. Nynolia is beautiful, smart, authentic, high-quality and future-oriented.

NY stands for nymph, a graceful female nature deity, a gorgeous spirit of nature.
NO stands for Nous, ancient Greek word for the ghost; the intellect; the mind; the reason.
LIA is a subtle reference to the first name of the designer and co-founder Miss Julia Nützel.

Nynolia was founded because fashion is our passion language, and we have created the perfect interpretation of sense and sensuality. We want to make the world a little more beautiful, in a special and new gentle way. Our logo embodies Sense & Sensuality. The strong diamond represents our approach to be sensible in every aspect of the business; from the fabric we choose and designs we create, to our packaging and overall direction towards the future. Wrapping its petals around the diamond from the inside is our sensual flower, showing homage to nature and its beauty. Its soft and gentle beauty provides us with its finest fabric and inspires us to emulate its delicacy and infinite growth and rebirth.

We are a company with innovative and sustainable structures, agility and scalability.
We are concentrated on slow fashion; sustainability, high quality, ethics, and no artificial materials. Our emphasis is on well-made and long lasting pieces of clothing worth the investment.


"Dare to wear…" - one of the main goals we wish to emphasize and push forward towards becoming a daily mindset, a lifestyle. We want to encourage not putting away and saving your best clothing for "a special occasion", rather treat every moment as being such! Looking back at the past years, with all of us having to live from home, the concept and inspiration behind Nynolia arose. Even though unexpected circumstances have changed our everyday habits, everything becomes a bit easier when still looking and feeling your best; beautiful, light, comfortable, yet glamorous. Every day can feel like wellness; taking the time for ourselves in our favorite spa, but at the same time, being ready for a get together. If we learned anything, it is not to wait for an opportunity to wear something special, but that every moment is that very opportunity and we should feel it for ourselves only!
Dare to wear the best luxury that nature has to offer every single day, no matter the circumstances, no matter the occasion.