Our Philosophy

Our world today is in much need of slow fashion. Our goal is to create timeless designs and prestigious quality in cooperation with nature and her offerings in the most sustainable way possible. We are focused on bringing the maximum amount of pleasure with the minimum amount of waste and leaving only a positive footprint in the fashion industry.

Nynolia will always use only the highest-quality fabrics without unnatural, synthetic materials. 100% pure silk, cashmere, alpaca, and wool supplied by our carefully selected ethical and sustainable partners. We hope to broaden and strengthen our impact in the world, inside and outside fashion with the mission of inclusivity, transparency, sustainability, and ethics.

Nynolia is founded and based in Hamburg, Germany. Here, the entire collection is developed, while the production takes place within the European Union. Our fabric suppliers have been carefully chosen according to the standards Nynolia embodies; ethical production from the country of origin of the material. We’ve partnered with well-established and trusted production companies with a reputation of sustainability.

It is of great importance to us to keep the production business local and within the European Union, following ethical and security guidelines to ensure all the people involved in Nynolia matters are safe in regards to the work and production conditions, as well as being fairly compensated and well taken care of. Of course, keeping the production as local as possible helps us reduce our carbon footprint on the environment which is one of our goals as a future-oriented fashion company. Strong integration of digitization solutions in the entire value chain helps in our goal for an optimal CO2 balance - which we are striving to achieve in the future.

In case of exceeded production of garments, the items will not be destroyed or put into waste, rather reinterpreted, redesigned, and reused, with the focus always being on natural and environmentally friendly products. Another way of decreasing waste is being involved in second-hand shops to make sure our designs are forever useful. Only very high-quality products, coveted branded products, or timeless, classic designs are interesting for secondhand. Nynolia reflects all of these criteria and thus makes it potentially recyclable. In times of advancing climate change, scarce resources, and increasing environmental awareness, sustainability is becoming more and more firmly anchored in the minds of people.

Across all generations, people’s demands for economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable clothing are getting louder. We are proud to be one of the very few businesses that are part of this small and exclusive movement towards the future that is slow fashion, which we hope will take over the fashion industry over time.

We have done all the steps to ensure our long-lasting relationship with nature and the environment, whilst not compromising on the quality of luxury we provide you with.

We appreciate your awareness and welcome you on this journey with us.