About First Collection

We are very proud to present to you our first collection which is made up of elegant and flowy dresses, blouses, kaftans, tops and skirts. This collection is inspired by the times. Working from home has become a daily reality for many, and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be comfortable yet presentable for ourselves, but also for a specific moment we may need to be ready for. We want to look and feel beautiful, even if there is no “reason” to step outside. We still want to enjoy the comfortable feeling of luxury and glamour while sitting on the sofa or in the garden enjoying a beautiful sunset after a busy day. Our collection enables you to feel as relaxed in your home as if it were a spa; that is the feeling we created for you with our sophisticated and stylish spa and kimono designs - with a dash of dressing gowns.

Whether you’re spending time at home, attending a meeting, reuniting with your loved ones for a special event or gathering; we strived to bring together all your needs.
We are excited to step into changing the world with you and for you, one garment at a time.

Let’s make sensuality make sense together.

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