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A new luxury brand for people with taste

Nynolia is a new, uprising high end luxury brand that cares about making our clientele feel elegant, sensual, and full of confidence. Our main goal is to give our loyal clients the ability to express themselves by wearing our luxurious pieces. 

Luxury is for people that know what they want and what they need. That is what Nynolia as a brand is all about and it is represented in our first collection.

  • Our first diamond
  • Our new limited-edition collection is made out of 100% pure silk. The capsule includes fifteen pieces, all delicately designed to fulfill our client’s every need.

    We are a brand that uses only natural fabrics, without any synthetic material. Our first collection is made out of pure silk- satin, crepe, and chiffon.  We feel that no other material than silk could make someone feel as fabulous, sensual, yet so comfortable, all at the same time.

    The versatility our collection brings is the possibility of being worn on different occasions; the flexibility of silk allows it. These unique pieces could be dresses for special occasions, or rather casual events, and even when you wish to look prestigious with little to no effort.

    Not only will our new collection make you feel comfortable and light, but you will also look beautiful without having to try hard. We wish to make glamour easy.

  • A clash of classic and modern
  • At first glance, our first collection will make you see the simplicity. As we love to say, less is more, so our simple yet timeless pieces from the capsule will always be in style.

    Inspired by the feeling of relaxation when enjoying a spa day, combined with being ready to step out to dinner, our first capsule features loungewear, daywear, evening wear, and also cocktail attire. These pieces will be like a second skin of yours, making you feel non constricted, fabulous and comfortable enough to conquer any obstacle in front of you. 

    Whether you have a lazy day at your house or have to attend an exclusive event, our versatile capsule will surely make you blend in, while giving you the much desired freedom of comfort. Even though silk is a prestigious material that has to be handled with delicate care, we dare to wear our apparel on a daily basis to see and feel its true worth. You deserve to feel as if you are wrapped up in diamonds every day. There is no doubt that these pieces will bring a little bit of change into your everyday life by making your skin and body feel special and taken care of.

  • Clothing for people with sophisticated taste and style
  • Sensuality with elegance plays a large role in our collection. These can be spotted in Nynolia’s dresses, blouses, kimono tops, kaftans and the rest of our first 100% silk collection.

    All of our pieces have been designed for over a year, while caring even about the tiniest details to boost satisfaction and meet the needs of our future appreciators.

    It is true that real glamour comes from within. Nonetheless, our designer collection will help everyone bring out the best version of their inner selves. That is why we believe that Nynolia will become your go-to luxurious destination for any future casual and important events. 

    “Sensuality means fully experiencing all one’s senses.” Sense your body and mind feeling cherished with Nynolia...

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