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Slow, steady and made with passion

  • Enter the slow-paced world with Nynolia
  • In the past couple of decades, all of us have witnessed a large change in the fashion universe. Many of today’s brands focus on producing large quantities of clothes rather than creating with quality in mind. Fashion is a form of art, and it should be treated as such. Nynolia is establishing itself as a brand with the mission to be part of the revolutionary direction of slow fashion that will prove to the world that the future lies in high-quality fashion brands that care about sustainability and social responsibility.

    Nynolia choses to create mindfulness craft. Every single step of the creation of our sustainable fashion brand is thoroughly planned, as we try hard to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone; our clientele, community, nature and the fashion industry itself.

    Ethical production, sustainable, natural and pure fabrics, as well as recyclability are our fundamental foundations. All of Nynolia’s apparel is long-lasting, can be reformed or forwarded to the second hand to secure the minimum production of unneeded waste. Our loyal clients will be able to enjoy wearing timeless pieces made with environmentally-friendly materials.

  • What story are you wearing?
  • In a world where the focus is primarily on fast-moving trends, creating your own fashion identity might be hard. Above all, one of Nynolia’s missions is giving its clients the opportunity to create their own everlasting identities by choosing timeless designs that will never go out of style. Fast fashion brands do not give that ability to their clients and are creating collections that could be worn only over shorter periods of time, as one fashion trend appears and disappears shortly after.

    We often learn that fashion brands concentrate on creating quantities of clothes rather than putting in the effort on quality, all while not caring about the environmental consequences. That’s why the market is overflowing with unethical, cheap, low-quality clothing. The question arises: Why follow trends that can change every month, when there is the possibility to choose a slow fashion brand whose sustained development is part of their identity? As such a brand, creating a timeless, high-quality, luxurious garment is our number one priority.

  • Join a fashion responsible community
  • While caring about the environment, Nynolia tries to be as ecologically sensible as possible. All of our collections are limited-edition collections, they will never be mass produced to “fit the standards”. We are everything but the existing standard, our overall goal is contribution. Give back as much as we take - that is the least we can do today.

    That is precisely why not only our collections are made out of natural and sustainable material, but our packaging too! When purchasing an exclusive item from our collection, you will always receive it  packed in the most luxurious, yet recycled box with the purpose of being reused. 

    Having in mind that we are based in Hamburg, Germany, our production is only European Union-based. Keeping local productions will allow us to stop the mass production of garments and lower the unnecessary levels of CO2. 

    Positively striding forward, we are proud to be making the world a bit more beautiful and responsible place. We tend to try even harder in the future to create unique collections for people with love for art, good taste and a responsible mind.

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