Pure Silk

Nynolia’s brightest diamond

  • She is delicate and very feminine. She is soft and tender yet has an edge - she is silk. 
  • Our new limited-edition collection is made out of 100% silk for a reason. Let us tell you why silk will always be our fabric of choice.

  • Silk provides the necessary comfort
  • Silk garments can be worn as everyday look, not just on special occasions. In fact, silk is able to provide you the much-needed and desired comfort you may have been lacking and are in need of.

    If you love relaxing on your favorite sofa, reading your book while enjoying coffee or a glass of wine, silk clothes should certainly be your first choice to wear. Not only are they soft, but this natural material is able to make you feel exquisite comfort. Silk’s sensitivity has an unique way to make you feel like you are wearing nothing, but look like you are covered in diamonds.

  • There won’t be any allergies with silk 
  • Sensitive skin is prone to experiencing allergies on certain materials. However, since silk is a natural fabric, there absolutely will not be any type of rashes on your body after wearing it because it does not irritate the skin. This breathable material might be your salvation and exactly what your skin needs.

    On top of the mentioned, if you have ever had problems with eczema, the protein structure of silk will be able to help you, as its hypoallergenic features can prevent it from reappearing.

  • Pure silk improves your beauty sleep
  • Because of its softness, silk is the perfect material for loungewear. Silk is also known to regulate your body temperature and control moisture even in immense and changing climates

  • We care about details and durability
  • There’s a reason why our first silk collection has been designed for over a year. We care about details, quality, and durability. Accomplishing a certain level of uniqueness with dozens of little details is our forte. The fact that silk is a highly durable material can be proved by comparing one thread of silk to a thread of steel; silk is way stronger. Not only does it look fabulous, but silk is also the longest lasting natural material known to humans and can last you a lifetime.

  • How to keep silk silky 
  • To keep your 100% silk garment as soft as ever, you will need to take care of it adequately. 

    Even though silk is a strong and very durable fiber, it needs to be handled delicately.

    Namely, silk clothes need to be hung rather than folded. If silk apparel ends up being folded, your favorite items will lose their smoothness, as some cracks can appear. Therefore, make sure to have a hanger reserved for your favorite silk items. The best place to store your silky clothes is in a dark place where there are not many outside factors that might influence them. 

    To keep your silk silky for quite a long time, you need to carefully wash it and use a special mild detergent while doing so. By using any sort of strong chemicals, your favorite silky pieces might run out of softness and lose the quality they once had. 

    Of course, we assume that you probably avoid spraying deodorant directly on your clothes. That also applies to pure silk. Avoid spraying deodorant directly on your silk garment at all times. However, if you plan on wearing silk dresses, and using deodorant on your body, make sure to use spray-on antiperspirants, rather than roll-on deodorants. We surely do not want the stain to take the perfection away from your favorite blouse or dress.

    Kiehl’s or Dermadoctor Antiperspirants might be the best deodorants that won’t have any kind of impact on your silk garment. On the other hand, it’s advised to avoid “Invisible” deodorants as they actually contain more alcohol in them. Underneath, treat your body with powder, rather than a creamy or oily lotion.

  • Treat silk right, and she will be soft for you in return
  • Lastly, as you can see, silk is quite an exceptional material in need of proper care and nourishment, but not as difficult as it has been made out to be. That’s why our 100% pure silk collection, which contains pure silk dresses, blouses, loungewear and cocktail attire, needs to be taken care of gently and is made for people who see and know the true value of silk.

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