The ultimate fashion oasis – NYNOLIA’s Pop-Up store

In the heart of Hamburg, a unique fashion oasis has been opened. NYNOLIA’s pop-up store is a place where, at the reach of a hand, all visitors have the ability to see and try on prestigious and luxurious pieces in person.


An ode to new luxury

The interior of the store is designed to present the synergy of fashion, art, and luxury, all in one place. After one year of opening, our brand, NYNOLIA, finally has the ability to proudly present the first pop-up store located in its place of birth, Hamburg, Germany.

Refined ambiance, décor, music, and drinks – we have it all! The ambiance is specially designed to leave a recognizable energy and express the brand’s identity in the best way possible.


Visit our pop-up store in Hamburg, located near Rathausmarkt, and experience new luxury firsthand. 

We're open Monday to Saturday

from 12 to 8 pm

Plan 8, 20095 Hamburg

See you soon!


A project in cooperation with Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.

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